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About Sherri Jacobs

       Sherri received her master's degree in marriage and family therapy from Friends University in Kansas City, and her master's degree in art therapy from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has worked for many years as an art therapist with children, adolescents, families, elderly and people with dementia.

    Sherri is founder of Heartland Art Therapy, a trained mediator, approved by the Kansas Supreme Court, past president of the Kansas Art Therapy Association, TEDxOverlandPark founder, and has held numerous civic leadership positions. 

Marriage Therapy

Even the best of marriages can get off track. Marriage therapy is a safe and healthy route to help couples grow emotionally and repair past wounds. Using evidence based treatments with incredibly positive results, Sherri helps couples grow together, and strengthen their relationships.

Family Therapy

Bringing the whole family into therapy can be dynamic, transformative and powerful for long lasting change, emotional growth, and healing. Family therapists tend to look at the entire system rather than pathologizing or blaming an individual within the family when things get off track. 

Individual Therapy

Everyone occasionally hits emotional bumps in the road, and therapy might be the perfect place to safely explore issues.   Sherri's extensive training has prepared her to work with people of all ages, and with a wide range of issues including: anxiety, depression, trauma, life cycle transitions, grief and many other life concerns.

Art Therapy

So often, words can't convey the depth and complexity of a situation. Simple art directives (no art experience necessary) can add depth and understanding to topics brought into the therapy room. Trained under the founders of the art therapy field, Sherri brings years of experience into sessions. 


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for rapid reduction of symptoms related treatment of trauma.


As a trained mediator, approved by the Kansas Supreme Court, Sherri assists in conflict resolution between individuals and organizations residing in Johnson County, Kansas. Resolving conflict through mediation is an empowering path towards resolution, offerin participants far deeper experiences than conflicts resolved in court. 

Premarital Therapy

Sherri is a Prepare/Enrich facilitator. Premariatal counseling includes a comprehensive and custom inventory for each partner. In 4-6 sessions, couples explore their common strengths and potential hotspots. 

Corporate Retreats

Looking for a cutting edge venue for your employees to grow, bond, or expand their creativity and problem solving skills? Creativity retreats and workshops can enhance cooperation among employees and help companies combat stagnation in the workplace.



InterUrban ArtHouse

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Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm
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Contact Sherri Jacobs 

     Located in the InterUrban Art House in Downtown Overland Park, Kansas, Heartland Art Therapy is a safe and unique place to engage in the therapeutic process. Heartland offers a wide range of therapeutic interventions to individuals, families and couples. 

     If you have questions regarding therapy services and the wide range of arts programming at the InterUrban ArtHouse, feel free to reach out by email or phone. 

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